Screenshot Saturday - Explosion Effects

Recently there have been a lot of people asking me to add weapons to When Pigs Fly.  There have also been just as many people asking me to not add weapons.  WPF was never intended as a combat game, but if thats how people want to play it, I don't want to stop them.  With that in mind, my current plan is to not add weapons directly, but to enable people to build weapons if they desire.  The first step in that direction is adding explosion effects.  For this week's Screenshot Saturday, I've got a bunch of fiery gifs showing the new explosions.  Click the read more link to check them out.

First up, the explosions.  All parts with fuel in them (right now thats the 3 engine types and the fuel can) are now explode on severe impacts.  I'm still tweaking them a bit, but I've found the art-style I like and I think they look pretty cool and fit with the rest of the game.

You can now detach fuel cans as bombs. 

Here's a guided cruise missile I built.

Finally, I made the camera retarget-able so you can follow things you drop from the aircraft, whether they be bombs, missiles, parachickens, or something cool I haven't thought up yet.