Screenshot Saturday - New Map, Again!

This week's Screenshot Saturday is all about the new map.  I set out early this week to integrate water into the map, but it wasn't going to quite as simple as it sounds.  Most of the flat areas in the current map are at or below sea level, meaning adding water would fill most valleys entirely.  This was not what I wanted, so I decided it would be easiest to scrap the current map and start from scratch.  Around that same time, it occurred to me that using a real world location would probably be easier and better than anything I could make up.  I tried a bunch of different real-world places (as you'll see in the screenshots below), but finally settled on Grand Teton National Park.  The Tetons fit all of my requirements.  I wanted mountains both for aesthetic reasons and to provide interesting flying challenges.  I wanted large, flat, open areas to provide lots of places for runways and low level flying.  I wanted bodies water large enough to be useful for seaplanes, but not so large that they dominate the map (water is more resource hungry than water).  The very dramatic features of the Tetons also lend themselves very well to the low-poly, low-detail art style.  Finally, since I've been there a few times, I had good photos to base some landmarks on.  Anyway, lets get to the screenshots.

Screenshot Saturday - Explosion Effects

Recently there have been a lot of people asking me to add weapons to When Pigs Fly.  There have also been just as many people asking me to not add weapons.  WPF was never intended as a combat game, but if thats how people want to play it, I don't want to stop them.  With that in mind, my current plan is to not add weapons directly, but to enable people to build weapons if they desire.  The first step in that direction is adding explosion effects.  For this week's Screenshot Saturday, I've got a bunch of fiery gifs showing the new explosions.  Click the read more link to check them out.

Screenshot Saturday - Bomb Targets

Ever since I debuted the para-chickens, people have been asking me what they're supposed to use them for.  I don't think para-chickens really need a purpose, but one of my favorite things to do with them is try to drop them as precisely as I can.  This week I added bombing targets to make this easier and more fun.  The targets detect when something is moving nearby and automatically pop-up a target camera.  The camera stays up so you can see where your "bombs" hit, then automatically hides itself.  They also record your most accurate drops, but I haven't set up the UI to display this information yet.  Here they are in action:

Carpet Bombing

Dive Bombing