When Pigs Fly Bugfix Update this Sunday

I'll be releasing a bugfix update on Sunday.  I strongly urge all of you to avoid hitting the 'L' key in build mode until the bugfix update is released (including typing in the save dialog).  Here's a rough outline of the changes:


- Landing near the bombing target will no longer award the achievement for landing on the barn.

- Repaired control axis for joystick and gamepad support in standalone versions.

- Fixed issue with hitting 'L' key in build mode loading a craft.

- Fixed issue with time trial GUI not hiding after course finished.​


- GUI to display closest hit on bomb target

- Add ability to switch units on speed and altitude

For people playing in the webplayer version, this update will create a new save file for you (nothing I can do about this unfortunately, its a gamejolt thing).  Don't despair, your designs are not lost!

To get your saved builds back, you’ll need to open your old save file in a text editor, copy the contents, and paste them into the new save file. The necessary files are located here:

Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/Unity/WebPlayerPrefs

Windows: %APPDATA%\Unity\WebPlayerPrefs