When Pigs Fly v0.3 Release Date

Finally done with a spurt of traveling, I'm now back and ready to announce the release date for When Pigs Fly update 0.3.  This update has taken longer than I wanted/expected.  That is in part due to feature creep, as well as my travel schedule.  The biggest delay, though, has been the issues with the Unity webplayer.  As many of you know, Google disabled NPAPI by default in a recent update to Chrome.  NPAPI is necessary for the Unity webplayer to work.  For the time being, it is possible to enable NPAPI, but it will be disabled permanently in September.  

I have been exploring alternatives, including Unity's WebGL export and porting to other engines, but neither are good options in the short term.  0.3 will be released on the same platforms as previous versions.  Chrome users can either use the workaround to re-enable NPAPI, switch to a different browser, or download the native build for their OS (I strongly recommend this option anyway).  Hopefully the WebGL build options will mature quickly.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom.  I think you're all going to love 0.3. There are a TON of upgrades in this version.  It will be released on July 10. Stay tuned in the meantime for some cool previews of what's to come.