When Pigs Fly v0.3 Released!

The 0.3 update is finally here!

Here are some of the new features:

  • Several new parts, including two new engines.
  • Powered hinges! (right click on them in build mode to change movement keys)
  • Water & bouyancy physics
  • Bomb drop target (fly over the target and drop something on it, a secondary camera will appear so you can watch your bombs hit)
  • New spawn locations
  • Explosion effects and physics
  • Symmetry mode (currently doesn’t work with triangles and tractor wheels)
  • Improved flight model and physics
  • Re-targetable camera (left click a part in fly mode to focus on it, click elsewhere to refocus on the pig
  • Tweakable control surfaces - right click on control surfaces in build mode to change how much they deflect (very useful for improving flight characteristics of your designs)
  • Mouse and zoom sensitivity sliders in build menu
  • Reset game button no longer deletes all your designs

There are also several new default designs, including:

  • DiveBomber: a nimble single engine plane with retractable gear that carries two fuel cans as bombs.
  • AmPIGian: an amphibious plane with retractable landing gear.
  • PigCopter: a reasonably well balanced helicopter.
  • TiltJet: a VTOL capable jet with tilting engines.
  • FlyingTractor: well, a flying tractor.
6 responses
Hi, I can't seem to configure the game to use my Xbox 360 controller. Under the Joystick key binding, i can only set the Yaw. nothing else works for my controller. Any suggestions?
Thanks for pointing out this bug, I will remedy it in the next bugfix update.
Will you be announcing said bugfix updates? or is it in line with major updates?
I will announce them. I have a few other small bugs to fix so it will probably happen sometime late this coming week.
Ok thats great! Just a question, when you do the bug fixes, is it possible to include a control for thrust on a joystick as well? (xbox 360 controller with the triggers/buttons)
Will you write a post about how you implemented stable powered hinges please?